Grade 6



Home is where my family is
It’s warm, sweet and kind.
I will always have a place to stay
And I will always have a place to cry.
When people ask me what I love
Home is what comes first.
Home is where I like to play
There is nowhere else I would rather stay.
Home is where I belong
That means I have my own space.
Home is my support
Support within the four walls.
Support in my parent’s arms
Home is where you do not have to fear.
Home is where you are free
Free like a jumping deer in an open meadow.
At home, I do my part to keep it clean
Like putting my clothes in the washing machine.
A home is full of love
And maybe full of flying doves.
A home may be full of chaos
But the only person that can solve it is a boss.
I love my mom and dad. They help me when I am sad.