Grade 4



The Meaning of Home
My home is the special people who live inside of my house and the memories we make together. It is not just plywood, shingles, and bricks. It is where my family hangs out.
H – H stands for hugs. I love getting hugs when I do good things, like this past summer when I pitched for the first time in a baseball game. My parents make me feel loved when they hug me before bed every night or before my dad goes to work in the morning. Hugs are special when mom, dad and my sister give me one when I am sad or I hurt myself. Hugs are the best!
O – O stands for oven. The oven is used when my mom takes the time to make one of my favorite meals which is shepherds pie. We get to sit, spend time together and talk about how our day was. It is special to spend time with mom, dad and my sister at the end of each day.
M – M stands for mountain. The snow mountain that Dad helps me build in our backyard so I can still ski when Blue Mountain is closed. I get to teach my little sister how to ski better and we get to spend time playing in the fresh air. This year there has been lots of snow to play in!
E – E stands for extra. The extra time this year I spent with my mom, dad and my sister which is nice because I love my family. When we were at summer camps and school every day we didn’t see each other as much. Now we can watch movies, play games and ski in the backyard every single day.
A house is just a place to live, a HOME is best place to be.