Grade 4




Home is a place where things are just right,
Where the sun shines giving us light,
Where my parents love me,
Feed and share.

The leaves are rustling on the gravel road
My home is heated keeping me warm,
Home is joyful we all want to have it,
Home is for good,
My mom cooks me food it smells so great,
Spicy pumpkin pie,
Buttery French bread,
Sticky cinnamon sweet creamy buns.

Home is safe,
Home is where I wake and wash my face,
I say my prayers,
The lemon scented candles burn smelling so great,
I am thankful for my home,
I love it,
I share it by bringing my friend’s home,
I play at home,
I pack my lunch for school,
It is where I take
a warm shower,
Home is special to me.