Grade 4



Home is a place where you can be you,
a place where you make memories
and a place where you have a family.
A home can be as precious as a diamond,
lovely as a heart, and as comfortable as a fluffy cloud.

Home is where you belong and where you live.
You feel safe, loved, and cared for. A home is a place you call your own,
and a place you can let your personality burst out of you without anyone noticing.

When you open your door to your house, you can see walls, lights, doors, floor, a roof, and your own family sitting on the furniture. A home is where you’re needed , and a house is where you are welcomed. A home is where you are
greeted and seated.

You can feel safe, noticed, and cared for. When you have a home you might be missed when you leave. But when you come back, you are greeted and welcomed. Poof! You crash into your pillow and fall asleep soundlessly. Zzzz…