Grade 4



Dear Judges

My home means a lot to me. My house is comfortable, it’s warm in winter and cool in summer, I feel loved and safe in my home. I love to be there with my family and my dog. I have a really comfy bed to sleep in too. It’s silent at night and I can fall asleep easy because it is quiet.
Mom keeps the fridge full of food so I’m never hungry. Mom also buys nice clothes for me to wear.
My brother and I Play hockey in the basement. We also play on my PS4, I play fortnight gta5 Lego jurassic world realm royal, I like to watch TV.
I have nice neighbors that sometimes babysit me when my grandma and grandpa can´t. There are lots of other kids in the neighborhood to play with. In the summer we can go swimming in our neighbor’s pool, and in the winter I can go snowshoeing. I can work independently.
There are a lot of kids that are not as lucky as me, they do not have a home or a safe place to live. So they are cold and hungry.