Grade 6



What does home mean to me? Well for me home isn’t a what, its a who. Normally when someone thinks of home they think of a normal old house but NOPE. For me I think of all my other homes, my 7 old ones but i’m mainly going to focus on my main house.

In my apartment there are so many different memories. Some bad ones but mostly great ones. So basically I have had 3 great birthdays there. One time my cousin ate my green TMNT cake then her poop was GREEN then after that she didn’t eat cake for like 6 years after that. Anyways that’s not the case, when i was not even a year old and we moved 3 times back then so ya it may seem like not alot but it felt like a lot. The fourth time we moved we moved here. It’s been almost 8 years since we moved here, we originally moved here to be closer to my cousins but i’ve gotten really lucky to have a life like this.

So yeah! Home is nothing without the people that make it home. Home is a great place to relax and just take a break from anything stressful and just be yourself. Always remember that home is a great living thing.