Grade 5




No matter how big
No matter how small
A home should be something
Available to all

Be it a mansion
Be it a cottage
Having a home is no less
Than a privilege

I remember the cozy nights
Watching TV with my family
My brother and me having play fights
And our swing on the old oak tree

Still crystal clear in my memory
How dad would water the plants
And yet I would feel the urge
To water them with my tiny hands

And as the sky gets darker
And my body gets tired
There’s a delicious aroma coming from Moms cooking
It’s a new recipe that thankfully hasn’t backfired

I can’t even imagine what it’s like
To not have a home when you’re sleeping
Waking up unable to look out the window
And enjoy the bluebirds cheeping

Habitat for Humanity is doing their best
To make this world a better place
If we all pitch in we can help
And put a smile on every face