Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home is where i feel safe.
Home is where I get home and say “hi” to my mom and dad.
Home is where I come home and snuggle my mom and dad after a rough day.
Home is where I cuddle my dog and get scratched by my cats.
In the winter my mom and my dad and my pets go outside and have snowball fights.
On Saturday nights my whole family goes upstairs and watches a movie in my mom and dad’s big bed.
Some days me my mom and dad play my Nintendo.
It’s fun, I beat my dad a lot.
In my bedroom I feel cozy
when I’m reading a book on my bed under all my blankets,
my bed is extra cozy because I have like 10 pillows on my bed.
But some people don’t have a great home like other people
some people are homeless
and we need to try to help make a difference.