Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia


Home is where you feel comfort and respect.
Some families have no longer a home,
Because it has been wrecked.

Somewhere in the world,
There is someone with no family,
Making sure you grow completely naturally.

Family is the key to creating a home.
Home is where you will seek shalom.

A home brings happiness even on the mournful days.
I couldn’t imagine what it’s like all alone on the holidays.

A house is where you live,
But a home is where you grow.

A home is where you’re loved,
A house is just for show.

I go to bed with a kiss on my head,
While some start the day with their bellies unfed.

We do things right and we do them wrong,
That’s why in our home we learn to get along.

You may have made a mistake,
But please don’t sweat.
In this home we learn to forgive and forget.

A home is family,
Family is love,
And love is what this poem is made of.