Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home is a good place that gives you kindness, lots of love too.
Some people do not have a home so I thought to write this letter to them of what I think my home is to me.

Home is a nice place to live,it is a wonderful place,I hear the laughter in the air and think of what it would be like if I did not have this wonderful place called home, and as I think of this I wished all people around the world had a home. Home is a place where there is love, laughter, warmth and protection. When I go to bed I think of all the lonely people that sleep in dark alleys or boxs, and wish that they have a wonderful, comfy bed.
At a house like this they would be able to have a nice warm breakfast and go out for lunch or super. In a house like this people would be able to have soft comfy furniture and watch TV with their family. My home is a place that I never want to leave because I know how lucky I am to have this wonderful place and that some people do not have a home and wish that I win to help all of the people so they can have this home. Love is the center of this home. It makes my house a place where there is love, kindness, laughter and care. This type of stuff makes your home strong and nice. A home is a place that can hold your happiness going through your veins and can’t wait for what’s going to happen next in this big wonderful new home. Right now there are people out there in this world that need a home.