Grade 5



We get out houses filled with emptiness and carboard boxes for miles,
But we fill them up with endless happiness and smiles.
We fill the walls and the halls with love,
And maybe even put up a picture of a dove.
Home is a place where you sleep and play,
And have more fun the very next day.
Home is a place you will always have safety and shelter,
Home is a place where you learn to respect your elders.
Home is a place you go when you frown,
Then your family will turn it upside down.
Your floors and ceilings are filled with memories,
And lots of joy and supportive family members to get us past these tough pandemic years…
Home is a place where you can go in the rain.
It gives you warmth, and not even one single feeling of pain.
Our cabinets and pantries are filled with food, and some people don’t even have a cup of stew.
Home is a place where you make memories, like crawling, losing your first tooth, and your first time watching, “The Crudes”.
Home is a place where you age until you’re grown,
Until you meet your loved one, then fill a new home with memories and love with a new family of your very own.
When the time has come, you will rise above,
And see everyone who filled their homes with happiness and love.