Grade 4

East St. Paul


Home is an amazing place. It is where I can easily enjoy myself and have fun with my family. A home is something that not everyone everywhere has, but I am very very lucky that I have one.
Home is where I can hear my bed calling me when I get titre. Home is where new friends are mad and old ones are lost. Home is a place where I can keep my crazy and amazing drawings to myself. Home is a place that I can share with my family.
Home is where laughter surrounds the table and the glorious smell of food spills out of the kitchen My home as a huge driveway that is old and bumpy, but at least I have one. Home brings back good memories like the time I scared my dad so bad!
Home can be a place where sad memories can happen, which is something I don’t wat to talk about. Home is an amazing feeling to fell when you are there, which is why I am glad that I have one.