Grade 6



Home is a place where I like to be, sometimes, because my sisters always play music really loud on the TV when my mom is at work and my siblings never clean up after themselves. Mostly the girls, they never wash their dishes and never clean their mess and my mom gets mad at all of us because of my sisters.There’s one place where I love to be and wish was my home which is my grandparents’ house which is in Winnipeg. I like being there rather than here because my cousin is there every weekend. He lives close to there and it’s never really loud and my siblings are not there. I always go there when there’s a long weekend or any holidays or they come out here which is also fun.
To me home is where I sleep, have delicious meals my mom cooks for us and where I rarely have fun. I also don’t like our house because it’s really old and the pipes always get frozen in winter and we don’t have hot water. Sometimes we only always have hot water in the kitchen sink and our house sucks. My mom said we will be able to get a new house maybe next year so then she wouldn’t have to pay off the vehicle anymore which is kinda a lot of money.