Grade 6

Prince Edward Island


As we sit around the table as close as we can be laugh and warm Smiles fills the air as we grow

a lette bet of lad but mosley love folos in to are Heart and frow the cracks in the wols of my

House family and happiness is what we know all frouw the hase even the roth joy and Treasured

Memories secs frow and out the house What my house means to me nobody else will know as

long as we keep it clear and nice that we’re Going to be here forever because it’s Not the structure

That holds My house Up it’s the loyal family inside That brings The walls together As long as we

have each other the world will make sense Everybody in between each place we may

hold good neighbor is what we know So what my means to me Loyal fun

Family Treasured Memories To laugh or to scare flowing floor the walls will know it will be

okay as long

as we have each other for good or bad other days will come as long as we feel it’s okay

to be sad Or mad My house is the best place to be so why don’t everybody else have a

house like mine to hold their Treasured Memories up and down for bad or good