Grade 5



Home means alot to me.
There are lots to do,
Lots of stuff to keep you entertained.
What does home feel like to you?

There are lots of people that don’t have a home.
No stuff, no furniture, and no house,
No money, no pets,
The only pet they have is a mouse.

They don’t have a TV,
All they do is sit in the cold.
All they have is a couch and a blanket.
And they are always sitting around mold.

They have no bed,
They have no rooms,
They have no electricity,
And in the rain, they hear thunder booms.

People need to have a house,
People need money,
That’s all they need in their lives,
And they need food like Honey.

Everyone needs a house.
Everyone is dreaming.
But all the outdoor people,
Are so cold and they’re screaming.