Grade 5



Home to me is where people can experience the most extraordinary memories. Where loved ones will be waiting for you. My home is not to small, not to big but just the right size for me to give it the most love. When I imagine home I see the smiling faces of my mom and aunt greeting me. I see laughing, hugging and kisses. When I come home I smell the delicious food cooking in the kitchen. My family are the only people I could really open up to. Home is where you can feel safe. Its where your belongings live. You see, home is where you can feel soothed. You can stay home without people judging anything about you. Home is not just a place where you live its apart of you. It is where most of your life is. All your family pictures are there and it’s where your special stuffies live. Home wouldn’t be home without the neighbors and friends. Home is a safe place to be. Also when things get hard, your home will be there to comfort you. Home is the place to be.