Grade 5



Hello! These weird paragraphs are about my home.
(Bye the way I don’t feel safe in my home because I watch horror movies every night.)

Home is a place where I live, so does my family. Family are people you feel safe around. I usually feel cozy, comfy, and warm around mine.

Home is a awesome and nice place, it’s awesome in all sorts of ways. You could raise a child or be raised in one, you could have pets/companion animals in it, I have a dog.

Home also lets me play games such as : board games, video games, talking or word games, I could also text my friends.

Homes are something you feel safe and comfortable in. You could do anything in it.
You could have blankets, beds, carpets, and a lot more furniture! I was raised in many homes and in around 20 years I could raise people or animals in a new home! So can you!

That’s all I have to say, goodbye and thank you for reading.