Grade 6



Most creature have homes. Animal birds and insects have

homes and most humans too. Homes can be small or big. They can be simple or complex or as a castle. In all these cases I think here is no place like home. For me, homes are places of learning, sharing and caring. We learn we learn how to be successful in life. We learn about ourselves and others we learn about life and the universe around us in our home we share spaces, food, water, love and many things.
It the place where we feel accepted and are loved. In our home we share family values and all good things about humanity. We share times, whether it is happy or hard. We build our daily and life experience. Home to me is a place that we feel safe and love by the people I care about the most. It is where my family gets together like to eat dinner, play a board game and play video games together. We look after each other. It’s a place where we meet with our friends and have fun! Everyday people go home because it is the place they feel relaxed. I always treasure the good thing like a happy memory and all the good times, I spent with my family and friends. I love my small home and my small room. I will work hard to keep my home of learning, sharing and caring