Grade 5



Home is a place with warmth and love and where things are cared for and all the above.Things are cherished and loved with care there’s comfy furniture and you should be there.Everyone should have comfort and care because it’s important to everyone to do things and share.A home is not just four walls and a roof uptop its really joyful fun and whatever is important to you.There should be no lonely people alone on the streets they should be in a nice lovely home and somewhere to eat.The one thing to do to help these people is just to write a single word down on paper to create positivity and help these people and i know you can do that and I know you can make earth a better place by helping the homeless.They would love to walk in a nice clean place where somewhere is not to cold and a nice place to stay.If you see someone on the streets starving and hungry and needing some food just give them some chips,crackers or something thats food.That can make their day there month or even there life just one act of kindness could save someone’s life.