Grade 4



Home is a place that you will never forget. Home, sounds simple right? Well its not, home is a word that can change the world! Home is a very strong word that means so much in our world. The world is also our home, and in the world we have homes to give us shelter so we can live happily and safe from harm and harm’s ways. It also keeps us warm from harsh weather and cold winters.

What is also very special about home is that your family is always there to support you through and through. Family is something special about home because home is just like family too! A home might look like a place with some walls and a roof, but it’s not. Home to me is a magical place were family is and your imagination grows and were you can be free! Just be you and who you are from the inside. Home is where you can be with your family and sleep play and have fun!

At home you can smell yummy food from the kitchen and the baking of the treats! Time to play hide-and-seek count like 1, 2, 3! Snack time it is. Now it’s time to take a break so let’s go to sleep.

Home you see is a bucket full of memories, and now we know what makes a home a home.