Grade 5



My home is many, many things to me here, are a few.

Family is a big part of a home. A family is the first thing I think of when I am thinking of a home. Family are people who you are related to. People who you trust and love. I love my family. Family are people who you would risk your life to save. That’s a true family.

In my home I am safe. I am safe from big storms like a lightning storm or an extreme snow storm. My house is built strong with bricks and when the wind blows I feel warm and cozy in my house. I am also safe from strangers, people I don’t know. Being with family is also safe because my family are people who I trust a lot. Family are people who I know very, very well because I grew up with them.

Food and water are very important in a home. Food and water are important because you could not survive without them. Also food and water makes me think of a home because it reminds me of when I am sitting at the table eating delicious food. Like my Mom’s potatoes, lots of butter and melted with perfectly good cheese. Eating together with my family makes me happy.

I love my house.
Everyone should have a home. A safe place. A house and a home.