Grade 5



What is home?

Home is where all your loved ones are. Home is where you’re most comfortable. When it’s raining or when it’s cold outside you can go home and be dry, comfortable and warm. My home is comfortable because I know my surroundings, I know the people around me, I don’t have to dress up fancy and I can be myself.

Home is where all your stuff and loved ones are. Your loved ones provide comfort because you are familiar to them and know them well. Objects provide comfort as well, like items that people give to you reminds you of them. A home provides things like that and the items that you need to survive like water, food and shelter.

Home is where you feel safe. I feel safe in my home because I feel comfortable, I know my surroundings, I can go whenever I please and I have a roof over my head. All that makes me feel safe. If you don’t feel safe at your home then it’s not qualified to be called a home.

Everybody deserves a home.