Grade 5



Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live on a farm? Living on a farm I have a big family and every good home has families in them.The horses are one family. Than the sheep and cows. Lastly is me, my Dad, my Mom, Hawkeye and Alan my brothers, they are my pets but they are still family. You can play with my family, some games are different but still fun. For the horses they brush off the mud and snow when playing. We pet and clean them for playing with them. For the cows we say hi, we stay far away but when we do tags and treatments we can say hi up close. For my dog Hawk it’s tug-a-war and niping which we are trying to stop the niping but he’s just a puppy. Then there’s Alan my cat it’s petting, he’s pretty old now so it’s just petting. Lastly my parents, we do all of that and more for playing. That’s what reminds me of my home, my big family!!!

One other reason that makes me feel of home is being safe. Every home needs to be safe to make the owner happy. My home is safe because it has people and animals to protect me. It is safer inside but when I do chores outside I know I’m safe even when it’s dark. There’s cameras so no people or animals we don’t want in our home can go away. I also have parents to help when I’m scared but when you go inside you know you’re awesome. I love my home! I just love it because what I need and want it to be! It feels safe and It has my family and it’s all me. That’s how it’s like living on a farm!