Grade 5



Everyone deserves a place to call home. In the following texts you will see why home is really important.
Home is where you sleep. When you’re at home you want to know that you have somewhere safe to sleep at night. When you’re at home you can sleep in your bed,your couch and maybe even a rocking chair. Or you can just sleep anywhere you feel comfy. It’s important to have a house because in your house you have a bed and to be healthy you need sleep. When you feel comfy in your bed that’s when you fall in to a good sleep. That’s one reason why I think everyone deserves a place to call home.
Home is also where you make memories. Memories
Like when you first learn to walk or say your first word. Memories are usually special to your parents like when you learn to ride a bike.Also, when you get older, memories mean more to you because you remember that memory forever. Finally I still remember a lot of my memories. Everyone needs a place to make memories.

I hope this helps to show why home is so important.