Grade 6

British Columbia


Home is different for all whether home is a place where you eat sleep or watch TV home is much more. Home to me is a place where I can feel safe away from all the bad. Home is where I watch a movie with my family, home is where I can read a book. Home is where you can play a board game with your family and friends. Home is where we can get hurt and get healed home is where you have clean water and healthy food, home is where you can laugh and be happy, home is where you can cry and be sad, home is where it all began, home is many different things . I think that home is something that we have that not a lot of people do have, home is one of the many things that we take for granted and we do not realizes how lucky we are to have a home. Some people have never had a place to call home and they probably wish that they had a home so think after you read this how lucky you are to have a place you can call your home. That is what home means to me.