Grade 5



My home is very special to me and I love it. In my family, I have my dad, my mom, my brother (Tyson), and 2 dogs (Miesha and Moe). Whenever I’m with my family, I feel very safe and comfortable. Whenever I’m on my couch or laying in my bed, my dogs are always laying next to me. I always play basketball with Tyson for hours on end. And I always watch TV with my mom and dad.

I feel very safe around my house. I feel safe around my house because I live in a family neighbourhood. I don’t have to worry about anything bad happening to me or my family because my neighbours are very kind to us. I have locks on every door in my house, and my house is warm and cozy so I don’t freeze!

My home is a very comfortable place to live in. Me and my family love sitting on our comfy couch. The couch is made of smooth leather that my family loves. I also have a comfy bed in my room. My bed and sheets are very comfortable and soft to sleep in. I also have a lot of furniture in my basement. I have a comfy couch made with the same type of leather as my other couch, and a comfy bed with soft sheets that is very comfortable to sleep in and watch movies in.

My family and I love swimming. On my deck, I have a pool and a hottub. Me and my family only swim in the pool during the summertime, but we swim in the hottub anytime of the year. Sometimes when it’s hot outside, I decide to let my dogs outside for a swim… but then they go crazy, splash all the water, and bite my floaties!!!

Homes are very important to many people across the world, and I love mine.