Grade 6

British Columbia


Home is the place to feel positive
To block the hurtful comments
Home is the place to get to know the people you care about
To tell your family you love them
Home is the place to be thankful for everything
To thank your family for everything they have done for you
Home is the place to feel safe from the outside world
To have an opportunity to do anything you would like without any hate
Home is the place to be loved from your family
To be loved when you are having a tough day and to know when you need to give love to someone else
Home is the place of emotion
To be happy with your family and friends, to be sad when something unfortunate happens, to have emotion and that’s okay
Home is the place that we should love
To come home and be happy that we are here and that we even have a home to begin with
Home is the place to warm you up in winter and cool you down in summer
To warm you up with the hot chocolate in hand at the winter time and for the summer time you get cooled up with a freeze in hand
That’s what home means to me.