Grade 5

British Columbia


In the 1850s, there was a strong storm. There was a generous family. Their family name was Spring. John and Caroline Spring were the parents of their beloved daughter, Marie Spring. There was a sudden knock on the door. John told them to stand back and he went to open the door. It was a mother and a girl. The mother said “Can we stay in your house until the storm goes away?” John turned toward Caroline and said “Sure they can, right?” Caroline nodded. The mother and the girl were wet from head to toe. She let go Marie and open two chairs for them. She told Marie to go upstairs and get some blankets and towels. Then Caroline got two bowls and filled then up with the soup she had made. Marie came down with blankets and some towels. When the mother and the girl was done, John asked “what were you two doing out there in the storm?” The mother replied “our house has holes, missing planks and there is no bathroom nor a kitchen. So we packed our stuff and head to the mayor to ask if we can get another good house. We did not know that the storm was coming.” Caroline spoke up “you know that you can stay here until there is a house available for you to live. To thank us, you can help me in the farm and the house and you” she turned the girl “you can help Marie in her chores.” It was a deal. John got some friends to help make a house. Marie and Josephine became very good friends. Caroline and Helen worked on the farm nicely. Soon the house was done! The house was beside the Spring’s family. The kids went to school together!