Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia


What does home mean to you? Things at home are special to me because I experience or feel these things every day in my home. My home has lots of different things, like memories, relationships and even safety.

I always make memories at home. I remember my childhood home, it was full of good memories that I can remember because my parents recorded lots of things from when I was younger so I can look back at my childhood home. I have had loads of good experiences in my home, That’s why memories are so important in a home.

I always feel safe at home. My dog and cat make me feel safe and happy in my home because they’re so cute and I love to hug them. I’m not scared of anything when i’m in my home because I feel safe because I live there and I know the whole place inside and out. That’s why I always feel safe at home.

I have relationships in my home. I’ve lived with my family since I was born so I have pretty good relationships with them. There are 8 living things in my home with me (9 if you count me). That’s why relationships are so important in a home.

Memories, relationships and safety each have their own special place in my home. Home can mean a lot of things, like fun, love, safety etcetera, this is how i feel about home, how do you feel about home?