Grade 6

British Columbia


Roof creeks above me, footsteps lurking, the smell of food cooking, the noise of the pets meowing and barking, people closing the door, a nice soft bed, the sun gleaning on the glass in the house, curtains blowing from the wind, someone playing with toys, people watching TV.
My heart feels safe in a home that keeps me safe with my family.
I’d rather stay with the home that I have, I love my home and I hope you feel safe within yours too.
I will cuddle in my bed with my stuffies and I’ll be safe in my home.
My home keeps me safe from the storms, it keeps me warm within it, it makes me feel safe when there’s danger around.
You keep me safe from the cold outside. When I’m cold you warm me up with your furnace heat.
You are my home and you keep me safe within your arms and I’ll keep you safe within mine.
I love my home forever and forever.