Grade 6



Home is a place where you and your family live. It is also where you will stay until your done high school. At home you will eat, sleep, watch TV and maybe play some video games. Your home is where you will play and have fun. My home is where my brother bugs me all the time. Home is where my pets and family are and where they are all together to have fun. My home is where I can play outside on the park in my yard. At my house we can run over to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house because they live really close to our house. My house is where we have movie night every Sunday with lots of candy and popcorn and other food. Home is where I can invite my friends over for a sleepover and have fun with them. At night if its cold out I will go upstairs and get my blanket and cover up and soon it will be warm. When its really hot out I will go downstairs where its really cold and find my cat and bug her like I always do. At home my favorite thing to do is cook when I was younger I used to cook cakes for everyone’s Birthday but now all I do is make cookies and other food.