Grade 6

British Columbia


Forever at home a place where I can stay, where I can sleep in my bed for all day.
I can go to the kitchen and I grab something I can eat, then I can go to my bedroom and I can listen to some beats.
I can lay in my bed and take a little nap, when I wake up and I can eat a tiny snack. Then I can run to living room watch a bit of a show, I love everything in the house even the patio which is outside the house even though.
I can play downstairs or on our bouncy trampoline, when I jump off I just hope I don’t hurt my spleen.
I love my family who lives in this house and if I ever go I’ll always feel alone, our home is what keeps us all together and if it’s gone I don’t think we will live forever.
Where we stay every day is really cool to go to school. Then come right back just right on track. Home is cool and home is nice and my house is almost the best thing in my life.
Some people don’t have a home and now they all feel sad, now I feel bad that they are not so lucky, I feel like a lonely ducky.
I love my home and I love my family and now I can cry happily.