Grade 6

British Columbia


Homes are safe as safe as could be they can protect you from rain and the cold winter breeze. They are warm and comfy and have a place for me to rest my head, and have warm cozy blanket for me to snuggle in.
Houses are places where dinners are made with love and care and were family can bond together and share.
Homes are places were hobbies are made like drawing, writing, sewing, and building.
Homes are places where rules are made so when parents say them we have to obey.
Homes are like photo books that store all your memories like when you were little and had your first birthday.
Homes are place where we fight and share and try to work things out because we all care.
Homes are places where we can all have fun like playing hide and seek with siblings or building pillow forts.
Homes are like humans we treat them with love and care we clean them and take care of them and like to change things up every once and awhile.
Homes are not just four walls with a roof. It’s about the joy inside and what they help us with and what they have for us and how they keep us safe.