Grade 6

British Columbia


Home is a place where I can go if I’m having a bad day. When friends are rude, or we had a substitute teacher.
Home is a place where I’ll always be safe. Home is where my heart is, my memories are, and my family is.
A home is something everyone should have, a place to feel safe, and comforted. Home is where all the memories happen. A home is built from laughter, love, and memories.
To me a home is like gold, or winning a million dollars, but better. Anyone who has a home should be very grateful, because not everyone does. When people don’t have a home, they have no place to go to when they have a bad day.
A home isn’t just walls and a roof, it’s a place filled with love and laughter. Home is a place where I’m surrounded by people I love and that love me. When I go home I realize how fortunate and lucky we are to have a home, and all the people who don’t. Those people are no different than us and we all deserve the same. Whether it’s a big delicious dinner, or a nice comfy bed, we all deserve it.
A home is where we take our first steps. Where we laugh and cry. It’s where we make mistakes and forgive. People who live in a home together love each other, laugh with each other, and make memories together.
The best thing in life is having the privilege to go home after a long day at school or work, and knowing you have a safe place to feel comforted and at ease. Home is where my family lives and where every family should have access to live.