Grade 5

British Columbia


Is a place
We love

Home is a place
We feel welcome
And safe

Is where we
Have cried, laughed
Played, and worked
It’s all one place

Home is part
Of your inner soul
Without it there would
Be a hole in your life

Home is the place
You rised and fall
And grew below the churning
Waters of the ocean
And past the tall mountains
Facing the sun

Its walls are
Like vines supporting
Your heart

Its luxury is like
The carvings
On famous structures

Is a place
That supports you
When the world betrays you

Home is the place
You celebrate your accomplishments
And wishes come true

Home is a place
You’ve poured your soul into
So to leave it would be a great sadness

Is a place you don’t have to hide
And can run freely
Not minding opinions

We take our luxury home for granted. Without it, we would feel missing for eternity.