Grade 6



Homes are safe and keep us warm inside all the time. Houses keep us safe when it comes to winter time and other seasons…home is a safe place.
Home can also be a place for people whose lives are at risk. What home feels like to me is a warm safe place. So many people are without homes and are taken to a shelter and are fed there…that’s a good thing.
I am grateful and happy to have a home with my mom. Me and my Mom couldn’t afford a home because we were broke when I was a baby. We had to live with my auntie. Then my Mom got a job somewhere, then we both moved to Winnipeg.
The people without a home, I would love to give them money to buy a house and a box of food that would last them a month or so. I feel bad for the people who don’t have a home or food.
The people out in the world who don’t have a home, I’d love to give them a better place to live…I hope people like you can change their lives!