Grade 6



I am very grateful for my home where me and my family live. My home holds the best memories with my friends and family.
You might say that your house is small or you don’t like it, but remember that you should be grateful because a lot of people and animals don’t have a home or habitat.
Your home keeps you safe from a lot of things, such as weather for example. If you don’t have a home that means you don’t have any food, water, and shelter to keep you warm and cozy.
Just imagine what could happen to you without a home, especially during this time of the year…first Covid, and second weather.
As far as I know, 6 or 7 days ago someone died because of our cold weather here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
My home means a lot to me, no matter how big or how small, at least it keeps me safe and comfy and close to my family.