Grade 6



Home. To me a home should be shelter. A home should be a place where you can feel satisfied, safe, a helpful place to live, a road is not that. Home, everyone should have one no matter what or who they are. It doesn’t matter if it’s your enemy, it doesn’t matter if it’s your mean neighbor. Everyone should have a home.

When I think of a home, I think of a warm, comfortable, safe place. I think everyone should have a nice warm safe place that I call home. A home for some people is the streets I say NO to that. I think that everyone should put in a little help to try and stop that by donating let’s say food, water, money, hygiene supplies, and more all that plus more should be donated! We should all put in a little to help that. For some people home is a hospital. A hospital shouldn’t be a home for anyone, ever. I have a home. A nice one and sometimes I don’t realize that, sometimes I take that for granted. I shouldn’t. I can’t believe that sometimes I forget that there are people living on the streets suffering, begging for food, When every day I get perfectly good food and a full stomach every day some people don’t get that. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am, I get clothes, toys, food, clean water some people don’t get to have what I have. Homes with purple carpets, houses with white countertops, houses with huge flower gardens many things can be a home.

Everyone should have a home either it’s your enemy or any other person you dislike. Everyone should have a home. I want to help people with this kind of thing. I want everyone and everything to feel safe and secure in a home that has a bed, running water, clean water, a roof, a door, secure walls, and much much more. Everyone should have a home. A home is a place for comfort, your comfort zone that you can share with pets, friends and family or maybe there is more. It is a space that you can have fun in. That is a big reason why everyone should have a nice home they can enjoy. A home is a place, it should be a happy place sometimes and a sad place sometimes because of feelings. Of course you want your home to be a happy place all the time but we are not robots so we have to feel something we can’t be programmed to feel a certain way, we are humans and we can’t change that. We have feelings. A home is a place you should feel safe to share these emotions. That’s another reason why everyone should have a home. When you try to hold back emotions somewhere public like a school, a mall or anywhere else you should feel safe to spread these things here, your home.

You feel security. Sometimes you may feel stuff, stuff you don’t want to feel, some stuff you absolutely want to feel. Those are feelings. It doesn’t matter what you feel or when you feel it you should feel safe to feel it at your home. Why did I choose this topic? I chose it because you should always feel safe to share these feelings in your home. Sometimes I feel better being in my home after something that made me sad or made me mad, homes do that to people. Maybe you had a rough day and something physical or emotional happened and all you want is for you to be at your home. That’s the power of the home. Maybe it’s the vibe or maybe the items inside or even what is under your bed, there could be many more. The great thing is your house is always on your side and by that I’m not saying that in fights he talks and says why you are right, homes just let you relax if you had a rough day. If you live by a busy street that says different things but homes should be your place to chill relax, do whatever you want to do. The point of that sentence was to say that homes are a place of hope, relaxation, determination, love, and more.

What do I love about a home? Well it really depends on what I feel like sometimes it’s going to bed in a nice bed sometimes it is eating a delicious meal that my mom makes, it really depends. I am sure that it differs for whoever is answering this question right now. What do you love about your home? When answering this question you get your answer that tells people alot about you, what you like, what are your hobbies and maybe more. Sometimes you will get surprised about your answer like I was which I didn’t say. Sometimes you get surprised, sometimes you don’t know just how things go.

Imagine. You have a home, a beautiful one and then all of a sudden your mom starts selling your toys you like. Your life is bad? Think about the homeless. What am I trying to prove I am trying to prove that a home means to me, why is a home a home, what is a home, why I believe that everyone should have a home, what do you feel and why do you feel it when you are your home and what do I love about my home.