Grade 5



Home is…

Home is where bad thoughts should wash away, like an ocean, how the wave just lightly floods onto the shore and washes tiny creatures back to where they belong.

Home is where you should feel safe, not cornered like your trapped in a cage unable to move.

Home is where you should feel free to let your thoughts flow smoothly through your head.

Home is where you should feel free, not chained up with a million sorrows soaring around you like a crow, how it soars in the sky but instead is going around you freeing more and more sorrows of its own.

Home is where sunshine should be able to leak through your window into your body filling it with joy and happiness instead of the curtains caging the sun outside and keeping you gloomy and mad.

Home is where trust is needed like food water and love, but it can be broken easily like when you drop a plate and it shatters into a million pieces, no matter how much you try, it can’t be fixed.

Home is where you should feel free to share your opinion and trust your family will support you.

Home is where when you’re walking up the front steps to the house it shouldn’t feel like your treading though water, nor where you resist knocking or just simply opening the door.

Home is where when I get home, I’ll see the faces of my family, walking towards me to give me a hug.

Home is where safety, loyalty, love and care is, it’s the place you should want to spend all the time in the world.

My home feels exactly that.