Grade 5



My home feels like a place to feel free to do whatever I desire. It makes me feel comfortable like getting snoozed up with a cup of nice, hot chocolate. Like watching Netflix while running around my house while eating chips all at the same time. Home is a place that you could relax at as if you’re wondering in the sky at night dancing on the stars. At home I feel safe at all times. At home is where your welcome and welcoming friends and family. Me and my siblings get into fights a lot, but solve the problem, forget about the fight and get along with each other. At home you can be super-duper happy, but also be really, really mad. Or maybe you’re just sad. That’s why we have family. You can talk to them and they can talk to you about anything that makes you emotional. At home we stand strong together to protect our house and each other. Home… is for everyone!! It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, or if you live on a street, wherever anyone thinks of you, is where YOUR home is. But if no one thinks of you, don’t mind at all. Because wherever your heart feels like home, is your home too.