Grade 5

Moose Jaw



Home. Home is a place filled with love where there’s family, friends and the most wonderful stuff you could ever imagine. Everyone needs a home. They need to act like a big family where everyone is welcomed. To me home is a place I belong, where people care about me. Does it matter who you are or even how you look. Everyone can be different. Don’t worry about what people say. Just don’t fight back. You were born to be part of the world. So is everyone. At home my family encourages me to do what is right.

There are two paths. There is a good path and a bad path and I am going to choose good because that is what is right for everybody. For an example, if you were a kid and people used to bully you and make you not feel belonged, that does not mean you are not part of the world because there are other people who care about you, like your family. It does not mean when you were a kid and people did not care about you so you have to become bad because that is not the way it works. Just ignore what they do.

Leave them to do what they are doing and try to become the best you can be because one day when you are all grown up you might see each other again and the person who used to treat you badly might need your help. Don’t resist not helping them even though they did not make you feel belonged. Help them and something even better might happen to you. There are people out there who need a home and don’t have one, so you have to be thankful for the little you have. Everyday I feel happy to have a home.

Home. Home is a place you enjoy, a place you live and place you love. Everyone needs a-


By: Benedict Dadzie