Grade 6

British Columbia


Everybody in this world thinks of the word “home” a little bit differently. For some, it may be a button on a device or a roof over their head, whereas for others it may be a place where you feel safe or where your family lives. I can see how the word home connects to all of those things, but for me, it is none of those things, or at least not only those things.

A home is more than four walls and a roof, people, or possessions. It is the good and bad experiences, the victories and losses, the memories that could never be forgotten, and the events still to happen. A simple house could not contain the experiences that impact your future in this world such as the cat peeing on the dog’s bed, winning the tournament, or learning that your favorite Auntie has dementia. I was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancers are described as “roots” people who take great pleasure in the comforts of their home. I have always known that I was a homebody but I never paused to consider what that meant. All I know is that when I invite someone to come home with me, I do not just mean that they should come see my house, or meet my family. It is more that I am inviting them to see where my life is taking place.

My hope is that these words, and the ten dollars that go with them, will help make sure that somebody’s house is safe so that they have a place to belong and return to and contain their experiences. A home should always be there whenever they need it, it shapes you and is shaped by you, and is the perfect place to be imperfect.