Grade 6



I am thankful to have a home. Everyone should have a home of their own. My family lives in our house together and we help each other to get through our troubles. Nothing is so bad when we are altogether because we have happiness and love. We do things together and those are the best times. There are lots of rooms in our house and each room means something special. I like to sleep and relax in my bedroom. Home is a place where I can come home to at the end of the day. I am thankful for my house and my bedroom.
My home is special to me and my family, and we like to play games after school with my friends.. My living room is a place where I can relax and watch tv, In my bedroom, I can play games, like Fortnight. Me and my family take care of our house because it is a special home to us.
We love our home. Everyone should have the chance to have a special home like we have. I see all of my toys and games and I know how special it is and I am really thankful to my family who give me everything that I need. My home is special to me. I hope that other people get the chance to have a home filled with everything that they need too.