Grade 5



A home is a place where I’m loved deeply.
A place where my family surrounds me.
A place where everyone loves one extra hug.
A place where every card or gift is loved.
A home is a place of love.

A home is a place where I can be myself.
A place where I don’t need to have a mirror to tell me how I look.
A place where I can dance, sing, or party my heart out.
A place where laughter is always appropriate.
A place where there is no such thing as plane old me.
Awesome amazing me is all we say.
A home is a place where I can be who I want.

A home is my safe zone.
It protects me from the cold Whitehorse winters.
No need for bullies.
A roof over my head and a bed to lay in.
A home of no harm.

In the end we will all come home.