Grade 5



The day I moved into my home, we had so many wires everywhere! I tripped on one of the wires and I fell; but my brother caught me so I know that my family is there for me.

Home is where I let go of my fears and open my mind to joy. To me home is not a mansion,hotel,motel,condo,tent or anywhere. It is where I am with my family and friends and I have love.

My home is a place with inventory of my dreams and a place with a type of magic that puts a smile on my face. Once I had a dream that reminded me that home is a special and magical place and to always enjoy the moment.

My home is special,with love everywhere. My home gives me the power to be strong,confident,proud,smart,and kind. My home is a place where I am with family and we forget about the past and we look into the future.

My home is like my best friend in the world. When I am happy it is too. In my home, I snuggle in my bed with a book. Sometimes, it is so quiet I can hear the trees shaking like a spooky story at night.

I love my home. It is filled with surprises. Before I go to sleep, I hope that everyone in the world can have a safe place for them to call home. We can create a world that people have homes and will love one another forever and ever and will always have a home. Home is a place that is perfect for you, no matter what-because it is home.