Grade 6



My home consists of me and my mom. My mother works full-time during the day while I’m at school and then I stay at my daycare until she comes to pick me up.
We live in an apartment. It’s not huge but it suits us well. When we come home in the evening, she cooks a nice, tasty meal. We watch tv and work on my homework together. On Saturdays, we usually go out for our bonding time. We do fun activities life watch movies, go shopping and go on adventures. On Sundays, we go to church and to my curling practice.
I love my home. It’s warm and fun. My mom is strict when it comes to my safety and education, like doing my homework, but for the most part, she is relaxed and fun to be with. We play with toys and video games. We spend quiet times reading while we drink tea. My mom makes this delicious ginger tea. Sometimes, she serves this amazing green tea latte. They are really good and they warm my belly. We always end our day by talking about the day’s happenings. sometimes it’s about news. Sometimes it’s about things at school or work.
We don’t throw parties and we don’t have a lot of furniture because our place is not very big. However, my mom always says that a house is like a purse. The bigger it is, the more junk you put in it. So I guess it’s not so bad where we are. This is our home and it is much better. For me, my home is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. It may seem little to some people but to me I think it’s full of many things and that includes love.