Grade 6



Home is a place where you are safe and free.
Surrounded by love and laughs and warm bubble baths.
Home smells as good as chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.
I can snuggle in my bed like a snug bug in a rug with no worries.
Because I know nobody will hurt me and that I’m safe in my warm cozy bed.
I can dream about being a famous actress or a vet helping out animals.

I could lay on my couch and watch tv.
Or I could listen to music on my tablet.
It’s sad to think that some people don’t get to have a home.
It makes me sad and angry.
Everyone deserves a home even if their bad.
It’s sad that people have to rely on homeless shelters for necessary needs.

At home I learn and grow more and more.
I make mistakes and learn from them.
Home is where you can dream about anything or be anyone.
I don’t just grow physically I also grow mentally.

Home is where you can be free.
You can be you I can be me.
You don’t have to compare yourself to other people.
At home you are you people love you for who you are.

Home is safe.
Home is warm.
Home is loving.
Home is everything.