Grade 4

Berwick, NS
Nova Scotia


My home is where I roam and keeps my family safe. It is where some of the best of memories are made. It keeps a roof over our head and the backyard is where my dog plays and where I discover very amazing things. Every time I walk into a room I know I am safe.

Home, to me, is important and I think everyone should have a warm, nice and comfortable home.

The kitchen is where we make our food, the table is where we eat and share our feelings, how our day was and what we did.

The living room is where we relax and discover movies and shows.

Our room is where we sleep and play.

No home is perfect to everyone but to you it is in every way.

You should cherish everything you got in your home because not everyone has one or have the stuff in your home.

To me my home is warm, nice, comfortable, safe, joyful ,and fun.

There is know where like home.

I am very thankful and grateful for my home.