Grade 5



Home is a place where you feel loved,safe,comfy, and cozy. But what if you don’t have a home? Do you not feel that way? Home isn’t just having your own room and a nice comfy bed. It’s where there’s a safe and loving community guarding you from all the unsafe possibilities in the world. A place where you are able to wear your jammies all day without getting judged. It’s sad to say that some people don’t feel this way. Don’t run away, you probably have a great home.
How I feel in my home is definitely safe. And I could say that confidently. The fact that I live in one of the safest neighbourhoods in town and my house has cameras on the outside makes me feel sooo lucky.
Not having a proper home not only means not having a home not having a comfy bed to watch tv on. It also means not being able to get tap water whenever you want, not being able to keep perishable foods, not having enough storage space, not being able to have a place to clean your clothes, you might not be safe,and so much more. It doesn’t make them, or you any less of a person,nor better, It just limits what you can and can’t do.
Home is a place you go to and have a loving community,food,and shelter.It’s unfortunate to say that some kids go to school without a home. Or without a family to protect himher. But school can be a your second home. There’s many teachers and friends to protect them. School is where you learn how to read,write and communicate with friends and adults. It’s a safe place.
Home is important. Home is a place where you belong, have kind people to surround you with love, whether or not you live alone you’ll still feel loved. Home is a place where you feel safe.