Grade 6

St. Albert


Agnes could barely remember her parents. They had died when she was only three years old. It was a miracle that Agnes had survived, though sometimes she wished she hadn’t. She had lived most of her young life on the streets, digging through trash to survive. Usually, she went to sleep hungry, but today Agnes was sure she would go to sleep starving. She hadn’t been able to find any food. She had looked everywhere she could think of for it. Suddenly, she heard a rattling sound. She looked across the street and saw a man putting out his garbage. Agnes waited for him to go back inside his house and hurried over to the can. She carefully took the lid off and rested it on the side of the house. She started to rummage through the can. There were no scraps or leftovers or anything edible. Suddenly she heard a dog bark. She looked up and saw a dog in the window of the house next to her. She jumped before she remembered it couldn’t get her. Clang. She looked down and saw that the lid of the trash can had hit the ground. The whole world seemed to hold its breath. Creeeeeeak. Her head whipped around faster than light, to the door of the house and saw the same man step out from the house. Agnes thought about running, but it was too late, he had seen her.
“Wait,” the man said. “Come here.” Agnes took a cautious step forward. Then another. The man reached his hand out towards her.
“Where are your parents, little one?” he asked.
“They’re dead,” Agnes answered timidly.
“Come into my home,” the man said. “I’ll find someone to take care of you.”