Grade 5



Home is where you feel safe. You should always feel safe when you’re at home, protected from all of the threats in the outside world. When you’re tired and you want to sleep, you should always be able to go to your room and sleep. You should never be scared to be home.

Everyone deserves a home. No one should be crawled up on a street because they have no money. That’s why we need to build shelters for the homeless. The meaning of home to me is very simple, It’s safe, warm, and welcoming. That’s it. But all those traits are very important, because you need those traits to live, sleep, and even things you don’t really need, that’s another reason everyone needs a home.

“Home” and “House” really mean different things. A “Home” is somewhere that you feel safe, and where you feel welcome. But on the other hand, A “House” is just a place where someone lives. Both of them are pretty important,but a home is more important. Everyone has a home, but not everyone has a house. That’s why we should be grateful that we have a house.

Home means LOVE.
Love is something that we need to be happy. We should be grateful for what we have, even if your friend has a huge house and yours is tiny. Maybe they like tiny houses better than big ones, or if you’re the one that has a big house maybe you can just not talk about it a lot.

Basically home means safety, and warmth. Gratefulness, love, and feeling welcome. You should always have a home, no matter what.