Grade 6



What is home? Home doesn’t always have to be your standard place with couches, beds, a kitchen and much for normal things. This place is a place of love and loyalty. It can be considered your safe, sheltered, comfortable area that can be locked up with a twist of a key. A place where you can gaze around and recollect all those simple memories that you have assembled in your past.

A home is a place to me where I have grown up and learned what life is like. Through life I have gone through or made some mistakes and regrets, through that process I expressed my emotions in my home. It feels almost like you’re away, away from people that judge you. Away from the people that hurt you most. This place is like my sizable storage box. You create, throw or keep memories and things. It’s a place where you experience your first times, a place where you go through achievements and failures.

This place isn’t just a roof and walls it’s a place that leads me into my real self. As well as, a place where I spend my Christmas happily with friends and family. It connects me with them creating happiness and joy as I would wish on the negative day.

You look out the window glaring at nature, you see the floof of snow or the rays of the sun. Swallowing down your desired beverage with family gathered around the kitchen table ready for a course meal. A family member watching the news on the couch or reading a newspaper also blowing at their boiling coffee. From where you’re sitting up look ahead seeing your siblings messy- morning hair, giggling at them. The simple bond or arguing echoes around the house as if it’s the only place everyone feels comfortable with.

“ Chase your dreams but don’t go too far, the rain may wash out your footsteps, the path back home is always a choice. Creating foot steps for others is a great decision even if the footsteps aren’t yours.