Grade 6




Your home is often what you make of it.

It could be a fire you lit.

A friend, a family member, or even something you knit.

But, if you feel bad that you don’t have the best home,

think of everyone else who always have to roam.

Home could even be anywhere life takes you.

An undiscovered land which is all new.

It could be a beautiful place where mystical creatures play,

or a miserable place where only the worst of beasts lay.

Home could even be your heart.

A place where you laugh, then you cry because you lost a game of Mario Kart.

If you have a frown because you feel let down,

think of what you can give, so other people can live.

Home could be your true north.

Something you like that would be worth setting forth.

Something you love

that’s like holding a dove.

Home could be your friend,

who gives you his favourite toy to lend.

Or home could be your family,

Even if they live simply.

But some families don’t have a place to live,

so we have to think of what we can give.

Some people donate pairs of pants,

but Habitat for Humanity

gives people another chance.