Grade 6




What is home?
A home is a place that isn’t just a structure,
With people, pets, and plenty of furniture.
A home is a cave where family guides you through the darkest times and into the light,
It’s where I protect my family with all my might.

Silence fills the room at night, reminding me of a waterfall.
Memories bring back the times I crawled on the floor chasing a ball.
A home is a court house full of sibling rivalry
Laughter and positivity surrounds my family.

A home is a storage like in the movie ‘Inside out’ ,
Where I assemble my memories,
And look back at these stories.
Every morning I see my mom’s messy hair that appears
similar to a lion’s mane.
I spot my dad on his phone, scrolling through
Facebook, looking entertained.

A home is a therapy space where I can reveal my true self,
And where I can show all my emotions including negative ones felt.
Happiness and love roams around my home
In which creates an extremely powerful dome.
A home is a place where my family gathers around the
fireplace where it’s warm and cozy.
It’s where I look around myself and feel extreme safety.
A home is a comfy bean bag, where I close my eyes and can feel comfort
And where I can picture children running in the park of Rutherford.

The aroma of plants wafts into my nose
Which strangely reminds me of cinnamon rolls.
A home is where I smile at these thoughts
And soon enough drift into a peaceful sleep without exhaust.
I dream of people without a place to call their own,
And the sadness is clearly heard in their tone.
A home is a church where I put my hands together and hope that I can be a helper,
In just the use of a pencil and paper.