Grade 4

New Brunswick


I think the difference between a home and a house is that a house is a building that people live in. But a home is a feeling that you get when you have memories and good things to be able to do and be able to think good things.

My family is an important part of home to me. I also like being loved by family because it makes me feel welcomed. I also like being able to get along. Me and my family have fun together and get along. I like when we can get along together alot because it makes me feel good.

I think having friends is an important part of home too because then you can have friends coming over. Friends close by is good because you can have people coming over all the time. I think it is also good too have lots of friends that you get along with. I like being friends with family as well because it makes us get along better.

Memories are also a feeling of home to me. I have some impressive memories like when I ran around my garden in one minute. I also have a funny memory of when I fell off of my bike when I was on a bike ride with my sister and dad. When I fell off of my bike my sister ran over me. There are some other good memories with my friends.

I think the main point of a home is so you felt welcomed by people. You also feel loved at home. Also so people have a place to go to. My main ideas of home together look like a delightful home. That is what home means to me.